Saturday, October 9, 2010

What I Wore Saturday - Football in the park!

Upper Playground hoodie, H&M shorts, New Balance shoes, H&M sunnies, customized Roni earrings by Melody Ehsani.
Here's what I wore to the park to play football with the boys. I ended up just playing Sudoku on my phone because I'm not very coordinated. These are my customized Roni earrings that I worship and adore – I have three pairs of them! Sometimes people ask what it means, and since explaining what a Roni is (which I have yet to do on this blog, though I will eventually... I swear!) is kind of time consuming and difficult, I generally point to Bobby Brown's "Tenderoni" (embedded after the jump), which usually gets a laugh from those who remember the song. It's R&B gold, just good old-fashioned 90s babymaking music. More on my alternative definition to come...

...and the New Balances are box fresh! I've never actually owned a pair before, and while I think they have a kind of unfortunate association with high schoolers and backpack rap, these are super sick. Love the single pop of hot pink against the ultra soft gray. And they're ridiculously comfy! Call me a convert. Now back to football, hot dogs, podcasts, and general bro-ing out with the bros.

Enjoy "Tenderoni" below.


  1. ... is it bad that I actually already knew what a roni was? :)

  2. The truth about a 'roni she's a sweet li'l girl, about the sweetest l'il girl in the whole wide world...

    Are you kidding? This song is on at least two of my playlists. Who doesn't know what a roni is?

    Damn kids these days...