Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Style, Then and Now

D&G chiffon blouse / Mawi earrings / J Brand corduroy jeans / Charlotte Olympia heels / Bottega Veneta clutch
Ahhh, another trip down sartorial memory lane. Let's just come out and say it: I look like a pissed off bitch in this photo. And I'll tell you why: it was the first day of school (I think 4th grade), and on the first day of school you have to gather up every iota of COOL within you and bring your A game to class. None of these iotas could be spared or misplaced for the sake of my mother's lens.

My brother, Elliott, on the other hand, looks RIDICULOUSLY badass. His cool points far surpass mine, with his albino ass hair, elastic-waist-highwater-light-wash denims and of course, the box-fresh Cons. A+ my friend.

While I would probably wear a purple cord dress if I could find one, I'd definitely opt for some cord skinnies. The D&G bow blouse – I mean... it's just so good.

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  1. too much cute happening here

  2. Girl, your child self is rocking it. Purple and green's a winning colour combo, for shizzle!

  3. lemme cop elliott's style and both of your swagger