Friday, January 30, 2009

Vane for Sebago

Our friends at Vane have teamed up with Sebago for a sick run of boat shoes in 4 colorways. Clearly, the patents are my fave (love the embossed Vane logo!).

Click through to the Vane website for the other two colorways, all very choice.  These cats have killer taste in all their ventures, and they are one of the few brands out there doing big things for the dudes AND the ladies.  I can't wait to see their spring jewelry line, I'm still coveting this brass New York knuckle ring:

Wired Coffee Table

We have been in the longest coffee table hunt ever...  well thats not true, but anyway.  The search has finally come to an end!  We didn't get this one, but how dope is this shit?  Ilikeit.

(via Selectism)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lady Sovereign "I Got You Dancing"

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

Here is the first song released off Jigsaw... pretty nice. The video is dope too, I appreciate any Warriors homage or reference... Missy's is kinda dope too... PLUS this one was in Step Up 2 the Streets... and if you haven't seen that we obviously need to have a chat.

And I would be remiss if I didn't post the seminal moment that went on to inspire Dave Chappelle et al...

In other news... Booker T and the MGs are releasing a new album in April, sounds like it will be hot. There is even a cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya" on it... say what?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sneakers

Anyone wanna loan me $608 for these?        (via Selectism)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ok, one more...

DOPE rhymes.  I love that Kevin McHale is in this.  Just enjoy, hopefully someone will get a kick out of this!

Gang Gang Dance ft. Tynchy Stryder

This is all I can bring myself to post today...  I'm getting really depressed about working seven days a week (and only making like $200).  

Anyway this is kind of a strange jam...  I like it for Tynchy, who I discovered writing a review for Run the Road in 2004(?).  Which brings me to my only other piece of news... Tynchy was on that comp with the queen of the grime scene, Lady Sovereign, and I just got slid her new album to review for the swanky mag.  So far she is actually really killing it, I think getting away from Def Jam was a very wise move.  The album is called Jigsaw and will be out on her label Midget Records on April 7th...  but stay tuned for the full report.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Super sick subway map

Zeroperzero has done some extremely awesome subway maps, like this one of NYC.  There are other maps on there site, definitely worth checking out.  (via Mishka)

This one for Tokyo is especially wild... I wanna see these up close!

For some reason subway map design is really interesting to me, I wish I had been around to see the Massimo Vignelli map in use.  They gave it the axe because it was more of a diagram than a map, and things weren't in proportion.  Still pretty dope though:  

Cool Kids "Pennies"

Ok so I know I was hating on the Cool Kids, but this is a slapper.  The video is dope too.  


Cool Kids - "Pennies"

Steven Alan Liberty Floral ties

How fly are these ties?  Too much to match with the liberty dunks?  I don't think so...  I want them in every color, I already have the 'fit picked out.  I'm glad this print is showing up everywhere... spring better hurry up.        (via Selectism)

Nike Dunk skinny super high

Ok so I've been called a Nike whore before...  and I'm thinking it's probably kind of true.  But Nike is part of my Portland roots so I'm not going to feel bad about it.

THESE are so good.  I love the patent, the fade, the whole package.  I haven't bought sneakers in a really long time, but these I would definitely get in a heartbeat.  They're shiny enough that I could wear them to my swanky job.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Richie Spice "Youths Dem Cold"

Holler to Sted for having this song constantly stuck in my head... and the beezie who plays it in my office.

Definitely the perfect getupandgo song though. Enjoy.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I like this, and I like that its called "Banged Knee Sensation."  Made of paper and pinholes by Nicole Foran.

Another Kardi cameo??

So this is funny... 'cause I spotted Kardinal in that Clipse video I posted, and just spotted him in this Sean Paul video...  what is the deal?  Check at 2:20 (another house party scene!).  

As for this song, eh it's aight.  The video is almost hard to watch though, Estelle seems so NOT into SeanaPaul.  But peep it for Kardi!  

Eyebrow dancing!

This is so good.  Two kids eyebrow dancing...  and then the balloon.  My o my.
Such a brilliant ad for... Cadbury?  Who'dathunk?

Iladro at Macef 09

I am completely in love with committee's figurine series. So lovely, simple, and sweet.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pendleton x Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is putting out 23 pieces in collaboration with Pendleton, the beloved purveyor of plaid flannels and wools from my very own Portland, Oregon.  As much as I love the looks I've seen so far, the only Pendleton I can afford comes out of my mom's closet, my grandma's beach cabin (the dopest bathrobe), and Value Village (RIP).  

(via refinery29 via wwd)

Ron English Obama Billboard, Los Angeles

I haven't posted anything Obama related yet... but this I really like. Particularly because the Abe/Obama composite is really well done.

(via highsnobiety via Jetsetgraffiti)

Cut-It-Out: Now you can wear Lisa Frank!

Ok, I know you remember Lisa Frank.  Unicorns, butterflies, sparkles, glitter, and NEON.  The first pictures I saw of the Cut-It-Out SS09 collection did not do it justice, this is like if Lisa Frank hadn't gone the way of Bratz dolls and had stayed true to the trapper-keeper pencil-box game that she killed so well.  I would wear ALL of this shit and my friends would be like, REALLY?!

Or how about the MEN'S LINE?!?!

I'm really. really into this. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DJ Sober: Satin Sheets

So far this shit is hot.  It will make you wish you were at a Fernwood Activity Night (holler if you hear me!) in the 7th grade, grinding in a very PG fashion.  DJ Sober remixes Next "Too Close," Jodeci, D'Angelo, SWV, and the motherfunking P.M. Dawn!  Download free here and to see the full track list.

Nike Air Flight Lite: Very good.

uhhh...  hello?!?  So obviously good.  Although, LtdHype makes a good point that they are MUCH more McFly than the Hyperdunk "Marty McFly"s ever came close to  (just when I start giving Kobe the teeniest bit of credit.  I knew I would eat my words).  The only similarity between the Hyperdunk and the original McFly is the colorway...  the whole dopeness of the McFly was that it didn't look like a basketball shoe with all that plastic hardware and super high ankle...  plus the swoosh on the Flight Lite is closer to the McFly.  Ok I'm getting too involved.

"Koolhand" type face from Fwis

This is super dope. Fwis did a "31 Days of Type" project where each day the challenge was to develop a different font. Many of them turned out really ill but this one is so far out, it's definitely my favorite. I saw it in the earlier stages but this final product is rad, esp the E, B, and W.  Inspired by Rem Koolhaas:

Paratype is also pretty interesting; you download a text box in the shape of a letter and then fill in with your own text.  

See more at Fwis (via designboom)

Clipse: Ma I Don't Love Her

How much do I love the Clipse? I can't describe. Thanks Jessie for the video, and peep Kardinal Offishall in the house party scene with Pharell... nice lil throwback.

VA + TdotOdotONEOFAKIND = hollahollahollaholla

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My favorite of favorites.  Here are a couple great looks from CTRL's new line:

More Reeboks: Courtee "Easter Collection"

How 'bout these hot little numbers?  Super super good.  Love the fade...  (via HighSnobiety)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reebok Alien Stomper

How clean are these?!  Herringbone?  LOVE them.  The Stomper is hella fresh, off the beaten trail type flavor, but it seems like Reebok is doing that big lately.

As far as classy colorways go, these are right up there with the Nike terminators in Harris Tweed I found on eBay once and have forever since regretted not buying.  I'll try and get a pic of those up later...

Reeboks via Highsnobiety, available at hynm's.

Pretty Sure

"I'm pretty sure I like you a lot."

This is making me smile today.  I may actually spring for it...

Print by Nick Schmitz, get yours (or mine?) at Supermarket

(via NotCot)

Alela Diane, "White as Diamonds"

This is a really beautiful song, and a beautiful video.  Sounds kind of like if Cat Power and Joanna Newsom were the same person.  Makes me miss Oregon a lil bit, the snow here was pretty last night but today its just inconvenient and gross.

Enjoy your MLK Day!

The stuff dreams are made of: Gummi Bears



Part of a series of gummi bear sculptures by Ya Ya Chou.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

F*** the Cool Kids, PACIFIC DIVISION

Chances are if we've ever hit up a solid youtube sesh together, I've made you listen to PacDiv with me.  But for those of you who haven't gotten some quality time with these three, do it now:

"Women Problems" from Pac Div, particularly hot for the Oregon Trail shoutout.

"Paper:"  this is also a great song, similar concept but the video is extrahot.  It's not easy to pull off a single shot video, let alone one thats entertaining enough to watch for the whole 4 minutes, but this one does it.  

Pac Div have been around and getting steady press, but have yet to blow up.  Which in a way makes them extra loveable, but the blog post on their Myspace music site soliciting producers to send in their beats makes me wonder if they aren't in some kind of slump.  Either way I'm still hella into them, and I'll continue to spread the word as long as they're out there.

P.S.  "Fat Boys 08" is another hot jam from PacDiv you should definitely give a listen.

Cool Kids for... Gap?!?

PLEASE check out this video... Gap's VoteFor campaign with the Cool Kids

Props to SuperFad, it's a nice concept and came out well...  but really.  Cool Kids for the NBA 2K9 sountrack was one thing, but Cool Kids for Gap?!  

Is every celebrity/artist/musician going to fall into the Gap?  Only time will tell...  Or maybe this was the Cool Kids' trajectory from day one and I just misread the motive.  Thoughts?

While we're on the subject of Cool Kids, I gotta post on PacDiv...  more to follow.

Makin Jan Ma

I would wear this shirt every day.
And this one too:

Both are from Makin Jan Ma's "You are my Milky Way" collection.

Liberty Dunks

I've posted these other places...  but honestly I am just fiending so so hard...  I need these in my life.

The Blazer version isn't bad either, just not as much flavor:

If my millionaire sugardaddy is out there somewhere... just waiting to win my heart...  this would be good.  Cop through Nike Sportswear at 12 Mercer.     (via Freshnessmag)


Thats all I have to say.


Here is your 'fit for hyping the Blazers in 2009:

Rudy jersey (only until they release a legit Thrilla jersey)

Futura Laboratories denim at the FLshop

Velcro Nike Blazer Lux in three colorways

Call me when you're fitted.

"Garbage Pin" by Ana Cardim

Ehhh, I think this is too cutesy, unless you were using it strictly for roaches and shag.  In which case it would be hella useful.  We're in a recession!  Save it all!

More at Ana Cardim