Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All The Shoes I Own #1: Oh... DEER! T-strap Heels

Oh... DEER! T-strap Heels
Today begins a new feature on A Better Roni! I have a LOT of shoes, and I've decided to start archiving them here. I very rarely get rid of shoes, and I think they all deserve a moment in the sun. That being said, I plan on posting the good, the bad, and the ugly – maybe it will motivate me to clear some out!

I bought these beauties at a shoe store in Portland called Imelda's, which was right next door to the Cold Stone Creamery I worked at during the summer after my senior year in high school. There is something so perfect about the red suede heel, I think that's what sold me on them. I should really wear these more, but they are so pretty I think they deserve special occasions.

Stay tuned for many more, including my prized sneaker collection. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. seriously support this part of abetterroni. will nominate the (zara?) clogs ive yet to meet in person next.