Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Listen Before You Judge Me

I'm not a Gleek. I think it's weird that people refer to themselves as Gleeks and I think it's weird that there are millions of kids doing their homework to Glee compilations right now. That said, tonight Ante showed me a clip of a near-makeout sesh on Glee, which was pretty cool. And then I had to know, "What songs did they sing? ... Okay I'll just watch one." Which led to me watching all the video clips of the songs, without any of the context.

Me: "Did the blonde girl do a duet? Why not? Why is she pissed at her? Why is he pissed at him? Does the kid in the wheel chair get a duet?

Ante was very patient. BUT, this one, and I gotta say... shit like this makes me get why people like this show. I still think that for the most part, it's ridiculously uncomfortable to watch, but damn they can sing. And a Barbra / Judy duet cover?! Of two incredible songs sung at the same time?! I've already listened to it four times. Please do yourself a favor and watch, and then watch the original from a 1963 episode of The Judy Garland Show after the jump.


Fun fact, Barbra was 21 when this was filmed, and got an Emmy nomination for her appearance on the show. She got her big break when someone from the Tonight Show (then hosted by Jack Paar) discovered her singing in a gay bar in the village called The Lion and booked her for the show! Love Babs.

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  1. i thought pigs would fly before roni featured glee. this is unbelievable. gave my shivers / made me cry / for a brief moment, i thought i missed grant high school theater.