Monday, October 11, 2010

My Style, Then and Now

Me in 1995, my style now: Topshop floral tee, Asos suede harem pants, Zara suede pumps, Giles & Brother necklace.
I recently went through a few boxes of old photos at my parents' house in Portland, and had a really fun time giggling at the clothes I used to wear. And at my disobedient hair. Not quite sure what I'm doing in this photo, sitting in my driveway... but the locket I am wearing was a gift-with-purchase from a VHS of the *then* new Secret Garden. My bestie Hannah and I saw it with our moms in the theater, and she bought the VHS with locket for me for my birthday. True friendship. and I still have it!

Anyway, I love this outfit (from when I was about 10), and wish I had those pants to this day. Here is how I would translate this to my 20-something life. Those LV-esque pumps from Zara are TOO too delicious. I'm pining for them prettay hard, but not sure I can spare the hundo! Decisions decisions...

Stay tuned for more "Then and Now" posts to come!

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