Thursday, October 21, 2010

All the Shoes I Own #5: Liberty Print Nike Dunks

Nike Liberty Print Dunks
So for those of you who used to read this blog when it was primarily a hip hop venture, you may remember me posting about these in my very first weeks of blogging. They originally retailed for something like $180 (I think?) which put them out of my league...

Until I found them at an Opening Ceremony sample sale around this time last year (one size too big but f*ck it) for TWENTY DOLLARS. I'm overthemoon obsessed with liberty print everything, so I coddle these a bit. They're my pride and joy. Sometimes I look at them and feel jealous of myself. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

did you hear that? @toomanyronis


  1. one of the best liberty prints i've seen, for sure

  2. Wowzers! That surely is one of the best bargains ever. I'd'a bought them even if they were 10 sizes too big and plonked them on a shelf. Damn living where you never get sample sales!

  3. "Sometimes I look at them and feel jealous of myself."


  4. man after you posted that first time I searched and deliberated over the purple ones. really wish i had some for TWENTY DOLLARS