Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling This: Messy Hair and Varsity Jackets

Marloes Horst in Intermission Magazine wearing some rad stuff. Feeling this. via FashionGoneRogue.

jesus christ had dreads so shake them @toomanyronis

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Style Then and Now: Holiday Suited

Preen blazer and pants / Equipment shirt / 3.1 Phillip Lim bag / Lanvin sneakers / Jennifer Meyer ring
"Guys I'm really ready to go in there and open some presents can we get this show on the road please?? "

I have lots of pictures of me standing in this very spot as a kid, in front of my grandma's house. I have always loved going over there (you can see why in these posts, part 1 and part 2), and I'm looking forward to another fun Christmas Eve with the cousins this year too. 

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who gave me great feedback on my last post via comments, facebook, and twitter – it means a lot and has made me excited to dedicate more time and energy into new projects. 

Just a few more days in NYC – work parties on Monday, cocktails with friends on Tuesday, birthday on Wednesday and home on Thursday! 

I should be chilling with my folks I know @toomanyronis

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking ahead to 2012...

Last night I spent the evening catching up with my friend India, and after talking about blogging and other creative projects for much of our conversation, I felt compelled to try to switch things up and kick my ass into gear. I like blogging, but the way I have been blogging recently isn't meeting muster as far as serving my impulses and representing who (I think) I am. I think I really tried to hard to make this a fashion-centric place, which isn't why I started it back in 2009 (whoa). So I made this:

After reading this post blog I recently discovered called Sometimes Sweet, I realized that I should just try more. I haven't been putting enough effort into this. I really like writing, and I used to journal/write a lot; it's time to try again.

So I made a list of 20 blog posts to write in January. I'm hoping that a few of you will leave some feedback with more suggestions to round out my list of 20 posts. If you are thinking about starting a blog, maybe you would try this list with me, or make one of your own?

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, musings, thoughts, complaints! Please!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Heavy Rotation

Topshop boots / Versace sunglasses / Zara mens scarf / Tom Binns earrings
I've been trying to be really good about shopping lately. I got nice presents for the people I love in life for Christmas, and it felt really good to have money to spend on them. I have been watching the sales / deals, and have made sure to get free shipping on all my online purchases, plus huge discounts on some nice stuff too. Smart shopping has its rewards!

BUT, I bought these Topshop boots a month or two back, after searching for the perfect mid-heel pair for a long time. Topshop shoes can be hit or miss but these puppies look pretty expensive in person, are HELLA comfortable and make most of my clothes seem fancier than they are – all thanks to that little stacked heel! I've been wearing them non-stop. Definitely my best purchase of the year. (Also this lady wearing my holy grail Isabel Marant sneakers complimented me on them, so).

I got these sunglass for $Free.99 at an event and they are the perrrrfect shape. I found the Zara scarf in the mens department and I love the colors in the plaid. The Tom Binns earrings were my birthday gift to myself. I had been eyeing them for a long time and had some freelance money put aside, so I finally said, "TREATYOSELF!"

What are you all wearing this season?


ho ho ho, hoe @toomanyronis

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Style Then and Now: Party Baby

Alexander Wang jacket / Stella shirt / Valli skirt / Borgo earrings / Charlotte Olympia heels / Comme des Garcons 
"Cool I just woke up from a nap, and now we get to go to grandma's house for Christmas. And this is my life because I'm a baby and I don't even know it."

I love how hungover I look in this pic. It's like I just got up still wearing my clothes from last night's party and I'm ready for some day rage / hair of the dog, or something. In reality I was just a baby so that definitely is not what happened in that picture.

This outfit is what I want to wear to Christmas / birthday celebration this year. Most fashion right now is SNOOZEtastic in my book, but I'm obviously still not over Stella and I'd kill for any of the jackets/coats from Alexander Wang's fall collection. I think this would be a pretty fuckin fresh look to roll into a holiday party with.

what are you doing out here baby it's 3am @toomanyronis

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Growing Older, Celebratin' Christmas

Givenchy panther glasses / Zara pants / Miansai bracelets / Aldo wedge sneaks / Margiela rings
WOOP it's holiday time! My Bday is on the 21st (which is also the winter solstice and will be the last day of the world next year, according to the mayans), so this month has historically been epic in my life. Here are a few of the things on my list this year. There isn't really anything I'm dying to have, other than those way-too-expensive but most-incredible-of-all-time glasses, but it's nice to get jewelry since it's not traditionally something I buy for myself. I'm loving all the rad bracelets from Miansai. And I'm digging those Marant rips, they are nice and basic.
OKay moving on to the next (on on to the next) one:

FutureDog / iPhone / Pendleton blanket / TooManyRonis Nikes / Jordan 11s / PS3 Move / Kid Robot tchochkes 
Goddamnit I want a dog so bad. Unfortunately I can't have one in my apt and I'm not moving anytime soon, so for now I bide my time coming up with names for FutureDog (right now Ratchet and Chaunce are topping the list). I hate my Bberry and want and iPhone but the service is more $, so. Anything Pendleton is rad in my book. Okay, TOO MANY RONIS Nikes? Why didn't I think of this before? SO GOOD. I also really really really want those Concord Jordan 11s, but they are coming out on the 23rd and since I'll be traveling that day it's not lookin' like I'll be in line to nab some. PS3Move seems like a party waiting to happen, and for some reason that I can't quite explain I am OBSESSED with these new Kid Robot tchochkes.

COOL so does that help, guys? You all know what you're gonna get me? LMK if you need more ideas. (jk jk I'm not such a bitch I swear)

toomanyronis not a phony not by any means @toomanyronis