Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweat It Out

Since I never got my hands on one of these:
Pegleg NYC x Opening Ceremony
This will have to do:
ASOS tracksuit
spottieottiedopaliscious @toomanyronis

My Style Then And Now: What A Depressing Party

7 jeans / Huf crewneck / The Hundresds shirt / Acne backpack / Happy Socks / Converse 
The first thing I thought of when I found this picture a few months ago was that it looked like it might be something from Sorry I Missed Your Party. Elliott is falling asleep, Nicky is gaming, and there is a blow-up birthday cake. In reality this was probably taken after a really kickass party for Elliott, but still.

I think I am somewhere between 10 and 12 here? Probably 11. And this was my daily look for a lonnnng time. Flannel button up over a white t shirt, parted bangs, some kind of pendant-based necklace on a cord. Minus the hairstyle and the necklace, this is pretty close to how I dress now, and this "now" version of the outfit is make up of pieces I either currently own or have saved in my shopping cart. I love that Huf sweatshirt – it would look sweet over a crisp white dress shirt.

Also I had a black Guess mini backpack that looked a lot like that $700 Acne one in miniature... RIP little black backpack.

don't wanna tango with you @toomanyronis

Monday, February 20, 2012

I DIYed, I Died: Wrought Iron Sconces

I live near a really beautiful old church, and on a recent walk with two of my favorite people, Hannah and Lucy, I discovered some church trash that was too good to pass up. These wrought iron sconces are not something I would probably ever pay for or pick out for myself, but lying there in a sad little faux-distressed pair, they were begging for a fresh coat of paint and a good home. So after putting this off for a few weeks (okay more like several months) I finally took advantage of the long weekend and gave them a makeover. 

They didn't have any black paint at the art store, but rather than abandoning my plans I decided instead to go for this almost-black green (Montana Gold Deep Forest). I want to hang these next to my SIRN deck, and I think this color will look fresh with it. 

This week, Ante is going to be out of town, and I'm going to take advantage of having one less person in the house to slap on a fresh coat of paint in the living room, rearrange some stuff, hang some art that has been in need of it and generally try and do some sprucing up. Stay tuned!

you might say I was enSCONCED @toomanyronis

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Action Bronson & Riff Raff "Bird on A Wire" (SIMON REX!)

It has been a while since I have posted any music / videos, simply because you are all probably keeping up with this stuff as quickly/quicker than I am. HOWEVER. This is just too too good not to post.

Okay so first thing's first, RiFF RaFF SODMG. If you are not already familiar, please slide on down the rabbit hole that is his youtube presence. This guy first graced our boobtubes as a contestant on "From Gs To Gents," and has since gone on to launch a semi successful online rap career (*side eye*). But let's talk about his tattoos. He has the NBA logo, World Star Hip Hop logo, MTV logo, BET logo, Bart Simpson, and more... tattooed on his body. He also wears a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern chain.

As far as his raps go... he's not great. He doesn't really have a great sense of rhythm, and he definitely gets his funnies in, but it does all seem kind of gimmicky all together. AND YET I still really really love him, because I think that his whole persona / look / raps / career / tattoos / image are a very well thought out and brilliantly executed joke – RiFF RaFF gets the last laugh!

Action Bronson on the other hand is a great rapper. His voice sounds a lot like Ghostface, he has great videos (see "Shiraz" and "Brunch"), sweet beats ("Shiraz" over "The Shadow of Your Smile" on organ is jazzy fabulous), and he's just a good ole New York kid from Queens.

This is a sweet song, and a sweet vid. Action looks like a walrus with two XL Js hanging out of his bearded mouth, RiFF RaFF's hair is on point, "Tailor me a leather suit on some Jodeci shit" is obviously A+, Alchemist makes an appearance OH YEAH AND THERE IS SIMON REX AKA DIRT NASTY, SO. Dirt Nasty released a record through Myspace Music (o_O) in 2007, and according to his wiki page, "is credited as the impetus behind Mickey Avalon's personal rediscovery of, and subsequent success in, hip hop," which is one the least awesome claims to fame I have ever heard of. 

But that's enough of my yammering, watch the video, watch their other videos, and let me know what you think.

OH and I am officially a dot com now! Direct your browsers to ABETTERRONI.COM for all your Roni needs.

Jack & Jill was my favorite show maybe ever @toomanyronis