Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Club Monaco + Shopbop + Partytime = Fun!

Man Repeller Leandra and me. The gaze of love.
Last night Casey, Leandra and I got the chance to preview the Club Monaco collection that went on sale on today, and it was a fun fun fun night. I got to chat with Katy of Sugarlaws again, which was lovely, and met some other new friends in the online/blog world too! For the photo above we picked pieces from the collection to dress up in, and I LOVE the blazer I wore. Overall it was a wonderful time, a great collection, and good people.

Check out the whole story on StyledOn, and see my favorite pieces from the collection below!

Blazer, chinos, blouse, and jumpsuit all by Club Monaco.
 Twitter is in the house! @Toomanyronis


  1. love that pic! and i had so much fun talking with you too!

  2. Wow you guys are adorable :) Love your blog, by the way!

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    Love yours.
    Tropical hugs.
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