Friday, February 27, 2009

Reflection Eternal feat. Bootsy Collins "Internet Connection"

New Reflection Eternal?  I was surprised.  I like it, very 70s with the echoey chorus.  Not sure how I feel about the Dark Knight shout outs... a lil weird... "Why so serious?" mm.

MY NEW JAM: Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain "Blame It"

Hype Williams you have outdone yourself with this video.  I'm at work but I just found this and couldn't wait to post it up.  I would list all the cameos but you should just see for yourself.  Let me just say that I want Jake Gyllenhal to be in every music video I ever watch forever more.

If I ever saw Jamie Foxx in a club I would try and make out with him for at least one hour.  Blame it on the Henny...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jackie Chain feat. Kid Cudi "Rollin" Remix AND "Day N Nite" video

So obviously this is all over the ninnernet right now... but if you haven't gotten hooked on "Day N Nite" yet, now is the time.  Great vid too, I love Cudi's moves!

Really this post was for this song though, I came upon it a few weeks ago and I've been ROLLING to it nonstop (ha get the pun?).  I thought it was Kid Cudi solo but its actually Jackie Chain featuring Cudi.  JAMMY JAM.

Also this is worth checking out, Kid Cudi's blog posting about getting TASED during Allstar weekend 'cause he wouldn't go onstage in some broke-ass Reeboks.  He wanted to wear Jordans instead.  A man who would get tased for kick selection?  CUDI, PLEASE CALL ME!


Didn't need to buy these today... but I did.


Paule Marrot Editions x Nike Skinny Dunk

AGH!  AGH!  AGH!  I like the goldies with the flutterbies.  Butttt I want them all.  
(via hypebeast)  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shalamar "Take That To the Bank"

So Drew and I were lazing around half-heartedly watching CSI reruns and trying to come up with ideas for this work thing he had to do and I googled "take it to the bank" and I came upon this, and it was all worth it.  We forgot our troubles and jammed out and I coveted nine silk jumpsuits and chewed Nicorette.  Woohoo!  I want to listen to every Shalamar record for a week.

Clarks White Leather Desert Boots

Whooooeee these are sexx.  Gotta get these for summer with a sundress.  Wore my sand Clarks today and they're getting a little rough around the edges... the woman at Tom Ford complimented me on them though... I was like "whattt thank you."  At atmos.

I would like to own these.

Sabrina Dehoff bracelets at Goodhood. (via Highsnobette)

KITTENS inspired by Kittens.

Cara gets credit for this one.  Based on the title I was skeptical, but I watched it at work and laughed so hard that I was crying and had to pretend that I had sneezed or yawned or something.

And then I watched it again and the same thing happened again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Better Roni's Video Vault

This is a phenomenal song/vid.  Why are they shooting dice the whole time?  Is it a "love is a gamble" metaphor?  I don't know but it is good.  The dancing is like aerobics meets the two step.

"A snugglin, bubblin, overweight lovin' huggin' pro."  ~Heavy D.

Can I haz your shiny jacket?

Geto Boys!  This is an oft forgotten jam, the beat is dope and its one of those very literal videos where when he says "my nose is bleeding" or "there is someone watching me" those things are actually happening.  Love it.

This is another phenomal BUDGET video...  cows, horses, flying chinese-take-out containers... whaaa?  Fu-Shickens not forgotten!

Alternate "Pennies" video

Here is an alternate video for Cool Kids' "Pennies."  I like the first one better but this song is just so good its worth posting so you all listen to it again.

Pacific Division "Mayor"

Finally!!!  New jam from my favyfavs, Pacific Division. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

U-N-I x Mick Boogie Before There Was Love

If you're in need of new music, this is where you should start.  I posted the U-N-I "K.R.E.A.M." video a few weeks back and since then I've been super anxious for their album A Love Supreme to drop.  In the meantime, here is their mixtape, Before There Was Love.  Lots of great producers helped out with this project and I'm really loving it so far.  Here is the link for the download (it will take a while, but be patient!).  Unzip for front and back album art including the track list.

U-N-I x Mick Boogie: Before there was love

Sunglasses I want

Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Sunglasses available at colette.

2-tacs available at

Barneys New York x Super Sunglasses available at Barneys

More red patent sneakers...

LOVE the Supra burgundy pack.  Obvi the Skytops are my fav but the Trinity and Strapped's are good too.    (via Highsnobiety)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Diet Butcher Slim Skin High Tops

As if the beige ones weren't enough, now they throw down these?!?!  Cruel and unusual.  I'm YEARNING.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chester French "She Loves Everybody"

Yo I guess I'm behind the times on this one...  But Chester French are some CUTIES.  and this is also a major jammyjam.  Get hip.

Q-Tip - "Renaissance Rap Remix" feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, & Lil Wayne

Thanks to Jessie for linking me to this Q-Tip Renaissance Rap remix... I couldn't figure out how to embed the Yahoo Player and I'm on low batt so deal with it.  Great additions to an already solid track.

Did you know Q-Tip did the official NY Knicks song for this season?  Not sure what it was but apparently didn't go off that well.  Ooops.  KIDS THESE DAYS.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Shoe Sunday

Ante and I had the MOST successful sneakerwalk today.  Unfortunately, Recon is closed for a few days due to a "massive flood," but ClassicKicks was having a ridiculously wonderful sale.  I copped the Air Flight Lite's above, if you recall in January I did a post on these in a different colorway but to be honest I'm loving the lime.  I will be wearing them all week even though they are inappropriate for work.  I made some comment about them looking like the McFly's to the hottie that I have been crushing on for ages and ages, and he was like, "Yeah everyone says that."  BURN.  Whatever, we're still so in love.

 Ante copped these tasty Terminators below, and we both got MAJOR steals and deals.  If only I'd had more $$$ I would have picked up some of their reine et roi gear, I've always wanted one of those windbreakers.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Anti-drug commercials used to be so legit!  Scary tactics work!  This one is my personal favorite, I think they should still air it.

Although I found this one too... wow.  SO racial. In 1991... so so racial!  Yikes...

I'm really sick right now.  Sucks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Busta for your day...

Old Busta above...  "Case of the PTA."  This video is so damn good.  What happened to this stuff?

New Busta below!

Leaders of the New School trumps.  Obvi.

Two more super clean Nike looks

Here is a look at the Nike Sportswear Elan Pinnacle QS.  The details on these are so incredible, croc on the tongue and the printed liner (see below).  They are available starting Monday (the 16th) at Lane Crawford for about $116.  (via Hypebeast)

Here is another fresh pair: the Nike Sportswear Air Royal available in a hi and a lo:

These are like a classier version of the skinny dunk.  I like the lows too, like a mix between a dunk and an airforce.  (via Highsnobiety)

Nike "For the Love of God" Jacket

Can I haz this please?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

J Dilla

Only the good die young.  RIP Jay Dee.  I can only imagine what he would have accomplished in the last three years had he not died tragically of lupus.

A Better Roni's Guide to Eight Great Dates

Alright so I'm lying here trying to get to sleep and failing, and it occurs to me that there has been a lot of chit chatter about dating lately.  Maybe its 'cause V-Day is around the bend, or maybe its because its finally not 5 degrees out anymore.  Either way, I've developed a guide to dating / list of good dates that is based on level of difficulty.  I hope it helps you this week while you plan for Saturday.  

Also I have assigned each date a Trailblazer to help some readers understand the scale (though please note the scale doesn't directly correspond to skill level.  You should try harder).

Date #1 aka the Martell Webster:  You don't even have to get off the bench for this one.  Go to Ruben's empanadas for some super tastiness and then walk around the East Village and make sure you actually like this person.  Winning either way!  ("Its fast, its easy, and the gold kit is free!")

Date #2 aka the Steve Blake Low Three: Get liquored up at a bar and if things go well, make out.  If not, fake a text message or phone call from some friends that you "promised" you would meet up with at an exclusive gathering somewhere exclusive.  Either way, you look prettay good.

Date #3 aka the Greg Oden: Similar to #2 but this time you have to go out with other friends and you have to go somewhere specifically to play pool.  Pool halls are sexy in a really dirty gross way, and even if you suck you will have to team up with your date and try really hard to keep your table, and then if you don't keep your table you still get to hang out in the sexy pool hall and lurk and wait for someone else to suck more so you can play again.  

Date #4 aka the Jerryd Bayless:  This one incorporates #2 as well but this time you're going to DANCE.  Because dancing is sexy and lead to dates with a higher level of difficulty but it is also very fun and you can do it with lots of people and you don't have to talk that much (and if you're wondering why Jerryd Bayless, watch this video of him KILLING the stanky leg).

Date #5 aka the Rudy Fernandez: Okay so by now you like this person at least a little bit.  Invest in Guess Who the boardgame, and stay in with some cheap ass wine.  BUT!  Instead of playing old-school boring Guess Who, start asking the questions that really count (this is what makes it difficult).  Here are some examples:
"Is your person a shepherd?"
"Has your person ever paid for sex?"
"Does your person have a gambling problem?"  
These kinds of questions make the game much more interesting and usually HILARIOUS and if you like this person then this will be really bonus date.  Trust me.

Date #6 aka the Joel Przybilla:  Now you have done activities and you DEFINITELY like this person.  So take them to a party with all your friends and make them like your friends and make your friends like them.  This will be good for everyone and it will make you like that person more.

Date #7 aka the Lamarcus Aldridge: After you have had your first romantic sleepover, instead of going to brunch, go on a sneaker walk (this is when you walk around and shop for sneakers).  This will make you both seem very sexy to the other person and even if you don't buy anything you can love on each other and how sexy you are together.  NYC people, you will want to go to:  Classic Kicks, Recon, Dave's Quality Meat, Memes, Clientele and ALife in order to get the most out of your walk and the most selection.

Date #8 aka the Brandon Roy: Watch porn have sex.  This is the Brandon Roy of dates because it takes a little finesse to go just right but if you keep your wits about you and stay confident this one is nothing but net.

Now hop to it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mister Mort x Baron Von Fancy Braces

Ahhh Ye Olde Mister Mort.  Where have you been?  Apparently busy working with Baron Von Fancy on these dope zoo-y suspenders.  Love them lots.

Mordi has an incredible eye, definitely peep his blog.  Its similar to the Sartorialist, but with a less obvious approach and much more love for New Yorkers.  MISS YOU MORDECHAI!

Charles Hamilton "Scorpion"

More love for Charles Hamilton... here is a fresh pick from the "Well Isn't This Awkward" mixtape dropping on Friday (which by the way is "Mistress' Day," so if you're single and sexy put your middle finger up to Valentine's Day and come kick it at 339 for the second installment of the nighttime tomfoolery series).

(via OS)

Peg Leg Fitteds

I haven't seen the PegLeg boys in a while but they are good people with good stuff.  Saw Nick a week or two ago and drunkenly told him to hook me up with the sneak preview of their next collect... OOPS.  I love these fitteds, I can't wait to see the rest of the SS09 ish.  
Some of my other PgLg faves...  (shameless!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Krush Groove

We just watched one of my favorite flicks, Krush Groove. Errybody is in that movie... this time around we spotted Chris Rock when he was like, 14.  Too good.  Definitely rent it if you haven't seen it.  

Here is a vid from Force M.D.'s, they have a song in the movie but this one is just too priceless.  The guy with like 6 missing teeth is superb.

Your weekend playlist

Found some spicy joints that I've been listening to today. Put them on your iPlayers.

Mos Def (previously unreleased!) "Boogie Man" Not to be confused with "The Boogie Man Song" off the New Danger.  I like it!  Sounds good!

Rick Ross "Kiss My Pink Ring Curly"   Nothing like a lil Ricky Ross.

Nickelus F "Heavy Wrist"  This is SLAPPER. Keep your ears peeled for Nickelus F in 09.


I'm in LOVE.  The fact that I may have to start selling off my kicks collection to make rent makes the KREAM sentiment all the more real ("Kicks rule everything around me").  Love the Wu reference, the Run love, the Best on Mars, holler at Rakim...  Yo he has the De La Dunks!!!  Those shits are mad rare and so ill.  Ell and I were gonna buy them for each other for Christmas for another bro/sis-match-look but they run like $350 so...

Watch and listen and enjoy, and obviously appreciate the best line:

"Not from Portland, I'm a Laker, but watch the chicks follow the trail while I rock my Blazers."  

WHAT?!?!  So fucking DOPE.  and the shoutout at the end...

"This here is for all the sneakerheads from Oregon all the way to Africa."

(via LTDHype)

Because I am desperately in need of new glasses

Tamido Ido frames.  If I had more than $30 in my bank account I would buy the black ones.  'Cause for all the cheap-ass frames I have, I don't have any black ones.  Wack.

(via HB)

Nike Air Zoom Toki Lux

Wow...  Nike coming CLEAN with it.  These are really nice, keep those white soles white and you could wear these just about anywhere.

These are really dope.  Love the caramel color...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Boi - "Ringtone"

So not a whole lot of time or content to blog lately... unfortunate.

This is all I got for today:

First single of Big Boi's new solo joint... not sure if I love or hate it yet...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Tuesday Music: CunninLynguists "Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)"

CunninLynguists have a double release coming out soon called Strange Journey Volume One and Volume Two (respectively), here is a preview.  This is a classic weed head's song, but highly listenable.  Think Devin the Dude's "Doobie Ashtray" or (my personal favorite) Aceyalone's "Master Your High."  Worth a listen for sure.

(via OS)

ATTN!!! Raekwon feat. Ghostface and Method Man - "Wu Ooh"

I cannot contain my hyphy excitement for this track.  This is the most classic Wu-Tang sound I have heard in ages; I can't take this shit off repeat.  Do yourself a favor, PLEASE listen to it...

If Raekwon ever gets it together to put out Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, this is enough to make me queue up and cop (otherwise I'd just wait for Alex to rip it and send it, sorry boogs).  

Let me know what you think!

A part of your complete breakfast

If I could time travel, I would go back to this pool party/car wash and kick it with these people and sing this song.  You know you still know all the words...  (or maybe thats just me).

Ghost Town DJs - "My Boo"         

P.S.  How dope is the name Ghost Town DJs??  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Charles Hamilton "Brooklyn Girl"

I went to the Charles Hamilton album release party with a friend back in December, and since then it seems like his name has been buzzing on many lips (ie cover of Fader).  "Brooklyn Girl" is my favorite thus far, listen close for the "Shorty Swing My Way" sample underneath, obviously winning.  The video is pretty cute too:

Charles Hamilton "Brooklyn Girl"

Here is another track that I stumbled upon, also very hot:

All his music thus far has been released free for all online, but he is putting out a "for sale" record later this year.  Check out his blog too for more music, pretty fun stuff, good videos etc.

Gabriel Urist does Wu-Tang

I mean, obviously these are so fresh.  I remember in middle school (Fernwood!) when all the cool 8th grade boys had some variation of the Wu-Tang studs, usually way too huge for their tiny ears and missing half the "diamonds" that shoulda been there.  

Gabriel Urist has some other pretty dope jewelry, like this silver Tims pendant:

There is a sick Blazer necklace but I couldn't find a flick... will keep looking.

(via hypebeast)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lykke Li does something awful

This is just ridiculous.  Lykke Li performing Rick Ross' "Hustlin."

Lykke!  You are not hard!  You're Swedish for chrissakes!  Your indie guitar player and everyone at this oh so cool house party that you played are soft as shit. You're not that charming and your moves are wack.  

Honestly this video really bummed me out.