Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Package!

Got a wonderful package from my mom today, including an earring I left in Portland over the summer, two bars of chocolate, two issues of Bitch with a sticky note attached ("A curious magazine – but smart"), the earmuffs I wore until I was about 10, and three packages of Zotz (which I was just tweeting about!)...

and... a new camera! It's actually technically not that *new* (Panasonic Lumix) but it's new to me – my mom got an upgrade for her birthday, and since my little guy (circa 2002!) pretty much crapped out in the Poconos last weekend, I asked if she'd be willing to part with her old one for a "long loan." I'm so excited to play with it and take some wicked awesome photos. Now I just have to study the damn manual...

(Thank you for the comments! I adore reading your notes!)

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  1. it was way too easy to guess who the package was from when i saw the picture of its contents, such a dawn kropp love fest. something old, something new, something sweet and something EPIC (camera). i expect to see A LOT more personal shots on styledon now that you are all fancy and shit