Friday, October 29, 2010

All the Shoes I Own #7: Clark's Desert Boots

Clark's desert boots in sand.
LOVE these. Another pair of men's shoes that I couldn't find in my size and didn't have the patience to try and find online, so they're about 1.5 sizes too big. Ooops! I really like the way that these wear in, and it's such a classic style, I would wear them in every color. I'm thinking I might try and find a women's pair in chocolate brown for fall. Though the men's version comes in an oakwood suede with checkered lining... decision decisions.

disses and kisses @toomanyronis


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  2. Nice boots!

    I remember the first time I bought a pair of Clark's my dad noted that he really loved my "practical shoes" and informed me that he's been wearing Clark's for years; then my open-minded mother asked me if I was a lesbian. Meh, I still wear 'em.

  3. those boots were made for walkin'
    that's just what they'll do