Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

Happy 2012 Y'all! I hope you had a happy healthy New Year celebration and are working on your resolutions, if you're into that sort of thing. I have many resolutions this year, but I'm also trying to be realistic about what I can will commit to. Here are a few of mine so far...

  1. Cook more. This one is pretty straight forward, but there are things I want to get in the habit of cooking, like fish, crockpot meals, big batches of soup, and other budget-friendly foods. 
  2. Never pass up the photobooth. I love photobooth pictures but almost never take them because they're kind of expensive. But this year I'm going to just go for it – memories are priceless!
  3. Drink less during the week. I love beer and love trying new/seasonal brews (yet another side effect of coming up in Portland), but I definitely need to scale back on the weeknight "1 or 2 beers with dinner" routine – I know my wallet and my liver will be happy about this one.
  4. Read 7 books from the Modern Library Top 100 List. 'Cause why not? I've read about 20/100 so far, but reading all 100 by EOL would be pretty sweet. 
  5. See more Cara. Cara is my very beautiful smart best friend in Brooklyn. She has a blog that you must read if you don't already. We both have crazy schedules, but I'm resolving to see more of this lady in 2012, starting with the renewal of our Monday night Bachelor dates (TONIGHT!).
  6. Go to dance classes. Specifically Chio's class at BDC. Anyone wanna be my date? I know you do! Teamwork makes the dream work!
  7. Beef up the ol' savings account. 'Cause I'm 26 now... so.
And last but not least (and obviously if you read this post), BLOG MORE. I have tried to rekindle my passion for journaling but it just isn't happening, and this is is the next best thing.

What are your 2012 resolutions? Did you keep your resolutions from 2011? My only resolution last year was "Make my bed every day." Kept the bar prettayyyy low with that one, and I did pretty well! (But I'm not perfect okay?!)

we need a resolution *aaliyah voice* @toomanyronis


  1. I'll go to dance class with you but let me tell you, I will NOT look like the kids in that video doin' it.

  2. I hope you do blog more, because when you do it is a rad day! Totally into reading 7 books from that list as well. Happy New Year!

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