Friday, January 6, 2012


1. New Tibi hat from Casey   2. My brother Elliott with a 'stache
3. Amazing crab dinner. East coast crab just doesn't compare   4. Abe Lincoln head that I want to steal from mom
5. Lil' Snowman Glowie from Jessie   6. Amazing vintage Hermés scarf, bday gift from grandma
6. Cozy, festive Turkey's Nest   7. Spent a lot of time in the stairwell at our office... long story
8. Jordan Concords for my b-day   9. Jordan 3s, just because?
10. A sweatshirt for Ante   11. New Year's Eve smoocherino

December was a great month, though it flew by way too quickly. I had such an amazing time back in Portland with my friends and family, and got some much needed R&R.

Every year for the past 6 years my girlfriends from high school get together for a progressive dinner. We do 4-5 "courses"/stops along the route, usually walking from one apartment/house/parent's house to the next. I hosted the main course this year (my second time hosting) and made a spicy seafood cioppino with halibut, . My mom helped set a beautiful table and we had a ball yammering and catching up and gossiping. I love those girls so much and feel so lucky to have such an awesome tradition to look forward to year after year.

she get it from her mama @toomanyronis

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