Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Style Then and Now: Lil' Fuzzy

Chloe wristlet / Rag & Bone jacket / ALC pants / Venessa Arizaga bracelet / Maria la Rosa socks / Isabel Marant shoes
One pant leg rolled up like whaaaat. Back in the baby baker hat. Fleece puffer jacket for max coziness.

This is from the trove of pictures that my grandma dug up recently which seem to have all been taken on her front porch, in her sewing room or in her closet. But while I was home for the holidays I dug through some of my parents pictures (and threw away a ton of summer camp pics of people I don't remember, sorry guys), so I should have some fresh material for the MSTN series pretty soon. (Mom, if you're reading this, can you scan those and send them to me??)

And YES it's the Isabel Marant sneakers AGAIN but I'm still not over them. I'm exorcising my shoe demons so back off okay?

ice cream paint job @toomanyronis

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  1. One of the most aptly interpreted MSTN "now" outfits in my opinion. Diggin' those pastels and, also, that POUT.