Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nike iD Custom Sneakers: Wanna Help?

Ante is really the best. As you may remember from my Christmas list, one of the things I have been jonesing for is a pair of custom, TooManyRonis Nike iD sneakers. Ante gave me a gift certificate to make a pair, and now I'm turning to you for input! There are so many choices and variables that I sort of feel like I've lost perspective on how these even look anymore... so if you have a free moment, tell me which ones you like best in the comments! And if you're feeling extra creative, head to Nike iD where you can design a pair for yourself (or for me if you're not feeling of my selections below).
Sesame, gray and black Dunks
Black, purple and green Air Max 90s
Yellow, gray and black Blazers
I'm leaning towards the sesame Dunks – but what do you think?

welcome to lob city @toomanyronis


  1. imma eat dose sesame dunx!

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