Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hella shoes

Pretty much the only thing I did this month of January other than work and watch The Bachelor with Cara was take Instagrams of my shoes. Which as an exercise actually ended up being sort of useful 'cause it made me wear a lot of oldies that have been sitting in disuse. Also now that my toe is healed I can move on to some girl-type shoes I guess.

1. Penny Loves Kenny chukkas / Sperry Topsider high tops / Clarks pony hair leopard desert shoes
2. Vans high tops / Clarks desert boots / Sperry Topsider blue patent boat shoes
3. Nike Air Max 90s glow in the dark / Liberty Print Dunks / Air Max 90s w skull embossing

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forever hollin hoodyhoo @toomanyronis


  1. i looooove your shooooooes especially the first two and of course the liberty dunks, those are just the greatest

  2. :O you have the same flowery vans as me! I can't find them anywhere....I don't know how to wear mine.. :( haha