Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atlantic City, You Did Great

Ante and I decided to do an edgy magazine photo shoot in the Super 8 in Atlantic City this weekend. Also, I hate Paz de la Huerta. Atlantic City is one of the weirdest places I've ever been, but it was really, super super fun. I would go back.

Many thanks to everyone who visited/shopped my new store last week! I've got lots more good stuff to list, stay tuned.

I won $45 on a slot machine @toomanyronis


  1. I hate Paz too - she stinks! Have you ever noticed how one of her boobs looks real and one looks fake?

  2. When I first saw her I just thought what a kooky Latin actress and just chalked it up to her being foreign and what not, only to discover that she's from NY. That was the WTF moment. She crazy.

  3. I love AC... "my baby" and I would go there every other month, for a weekend.. and just have fun...

  4. Yes, let's shit all over a woman, because she probably doesn't experience enough public scrutiny, criticism and discrimination for being latina and for having either mental illness, drug problems, or possibly both. I mean, it's much harder to just raise your eyebrows & hope things turn out for the best for her. Bothering to attack her personally makes so much more sense, since she has so little to do with your life, personally.

  5. OH SNAP, is Anonymous really the Notorious PDH?