Sunday, March 6, 2011

I DIYed, I Died.

I did a DIY! I don't do too many DIY projects, usually because they either wind up costing a bunch to make or come out looking too "crafty," but when I saw this braided hex nut project on Honestly...WTF I was like OKAY that I could do. Their version is a little more lady like, but I went for some heavier hex nuts – I like the weight of them. I made one bracelet with black, one with neon yellowishgreen, and a necklace with staggered groupings of nuts with a mix of neon orange and yellowishgreen cord. I wanted to make a million more but eventually I ran out of nuts (awwww nuts).

I wore these with my crazy pink scarf from Ecuador out to a friend's birthday party, and got lots of compliments, I can't wait to make more and try out some new materials/styles. I got a few requests for special projects, now I just need the hardware store to open so I can get crackin' on these bitches!

What do you think?? Would you wear these? Would you buyyy these?

I'm nuts for nuts @toomanyronis


  1. Those RULE - great job lady! I'd totally buy these if I didn't think I too could also make them ;) Add them to your shop!

  2. LOVE THEM! so cool, can't wait to have some free time so i can make my own!

  3. Would definitely buy/wear. I love the multi-neon... fantastic.

  4. turned out great! ive been searching for that neon cording everywhere to no avail.