Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thanks Ma!

Club Monaco coat / Super sunglasses / Botkier bag / rando old jeans / Clarks shoes
So as you may know, my mom is in town for a visit, and boy have we been having a ball. Today we went on a historic pub crawl downtown and had a deeelicious dinner at Pleine Sud (where our fab friend BJ is the sous chef).

Yesterday we spent a good chunk of time at the Chelsea antiques garage, which I wish I had taken pictures of. That place is really, really super awesome. I think I had the impression that even though it's basically a flea market, there wouldn't be anything I could afford, but there is a ton of beautiful, special vintage jewelry for really reasonable prices (I'll post my new ring this week!), lots of great art/old photos, clothes, odds and ends, and more more more. I could have spent a boatload in there – needless to say I'll be going back. Also I saw Birdie Bell trolling the aisles, which I felt like was a pretty good endorsement.

THIS is my new Club Monaco coat (gift from mom!). I saw it months ago in the window of the store and had a heavy sigh moment knowing it would never be mine... so when we found it at the back of the sales racks for over 50% off and the last one in my size, it had to be fate. I absolutely love it. Whaddya think?

the founding fathers had "real nuts" @toomanyronis

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  1. that coat is amazing!