Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Style Then and Now: All White Everything

Halston jacket / Splendid tee / J Brand jeans / Jil Sander bag / Giuseppe Zanotti heels / Marni necklace / Aurélie Biderman necklace / K.J. Lane ring
"Hey let me help you with your wedding I'll totally wear bloomers and hand out flowers and stuff."

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, Fashion Week was a mad, fun whirlwind. I'm really into the all white looks that cropped up on the runways for spring, and would absolutely love to rock an outfit like this, with huge shoes, neon accessories and a super soft white tee.

At the wedding I was in,  I was instructed to hand out flowers to only the pews marked with a pink bow.... but I got really confused and started handing them out to all the pews, and then I was like "Shit I fucked up!" So I went back and took back the flowers from the people in the undeserving non-bow rows. Once I figured it out I think it went okay. I proceeded to wear those lace trimmed bloomers to school, under all my dresses/skirts, for a solid year. Loved those bloomers.

Also this is not the only time I'll be doing a "Then and Now" post for this picture, obvi gotta do my wedding 'fitter.

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  1. Who DOESN'T love those bloomers?

  2. ^haha my thoughts exactly!

    hmm you just reminded me how badly i need a good white blazer!

  3. Those Giuseppe Zanotti platforms have been saved in my "potential wedding shoes" folder for a few weeks now. I need a good 6" monster.

  4. Wow, such a great post idea. With my Wayfarers, colorblocked shorts and lace socks, I was definitely the shit as a small child walking the streets of Hong Kong.