Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Shoe Day!

Yeahhhh I got these. How could I not? Julian Louie x Aldo collabo, see where you can buy them here.

I'm really excited to wear them tomorrow. It's supposed to be sunny and nice, now I just need to do a little at-home pedi fix, yaddadimean? Mom's in town this weekend, so far I've received the following texts: "Do you want to go on a historic pub crawl on Sunday? Where we got to three historic pubs and learn about them and drink beer?" AND "We just arrived in New York, do you think there are any liquor stores open at this time of night?"


pack it up pack it in @toomanyronis


  1. those shoes make me want to invent a new adjective.. because none of the existing ones are good enough. send my greetings to Ms. Dawn.

  2. Hey! Your blog is the shizzzz....
    Can I ask if these run large? Looking to buy a pair.
    Would love your advice!