Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I Wore Saturday Night

H&M Jumpsuit / Topshop jacket / American Apparel circle scarf / Forever21 shoes
So obviously the first picture is from the beginning of the night, and everything after that was a the end of the night while waiting for sandos at the All Night Stars deli. Pretty sure we all go some laughs out of these pics. I'm really into this jumpsuit (and the leopard version I also bought).

I made the mistake of deciding to prep our sunday morning strata after I got home on Saturday, so I was up way past my bedtime and now I'm pretty wiped. But it was a rad weekend, I got to see a lot of my favorite people, play with some puppies, AND I heard "Only Girl in the World" at a bar, what more could I ask for?

Tom Brady please cut your hair @toomanyronis


  1. I'd recognize that horse anywhere. we live in the same neighborhood and it makes no sense that we don't hang out already.