Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How I Wear Scarves, Sometimes

Scarves, clockwise: Vintage Oscar de la Renta / Vintage ? / Vintage Anne Klein / Urban Outfitters
Today I was feeling the scarf love. I wore the one top left to work today, but then when I got home and was about to make sandos I decided to take some shotz (as in pictures duh). These are some fun ways to wear scarves. Mix it up, ya know?

If you're wondering why there are no cupboards, it's because some tenant from days of yore took them off. But my landlords accused my roommate of doing it and asked if he was using them for an art project. I think she thinks we're like major hipsters or something.

too hip to quit @toomanyronis


  1. You know I'm forever in love with the Aunt Jemima Hood Rat look. I might steal the bottom-right look fa real.

  2. AH! I love love love that last picture! I wish my fat head looked cute in stuff like that! Bah.