Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Style Then and Now: Turn My Swag On

Sonia Rykiel sweater / Proenza Schouler pants / Opening Ceremony ankle boots / Happy Socks / Alexander Wang backpack
What we have here is me, waiting at the foot of our driveway on the first day of school. I was extremely proud of this outfit, as you can tell by my bowl cut and the smirk on my face. I'm like, "Just WAIT til they see this."

And though I have outgrown the matching leggings + sweatshirt combo (or have I?) I would wear something very similar today, as I really do love a good matchymatch (so not cool, I know). These are all pieces I've been silently obsessed with for a while that I think would kick ass put together. Is it too much? Tell me the truth I can take it.

no scrubs @toomanyronis

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  1. Ooooh boy. This matchymatch makes me think of my most prized ensemble growing up: a pair of hot pink leggings with multi-colored SPLATTER PAINT on them with a matching long white t-shirt adorning the same, ridiculous splatter paint. I might have to try to find a pic of that insanity... oooh man.