Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Style Then and Now: Pirate Party!

Rick Owens jacket / A.L.C. tank / Dannijo ring / Christian Louboutin Misfit heels / Alexander McQueen bracelet / By Malene Birger skirt
Guys, lets talk about this picture. I'm surrounded by boys dressed in pirate costumes, as this was clearly a pirate-themed birthday party, and I'm honoring the theme only vaguely with this outfit. (It should be noted that I have an adult-sized version of those exact same sneakers, stay tuned for the ATSIO coming up).  Also, I'm standing with a stick in my hand, presumably to hit the rainbow pinata above me, while looking wistfully into the distance at god only knows what. The kids behind me are like "WTF are you doing!?!?" Haterz.

The outfit I but together is a little more pirate-y (slash Kate Lanphear-y) than my 6-year-old version. I think I would feel really badass in this outfit. Definitely.

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