Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peter Pan

Alexa Chung via StyledOn.
I'm not a die-hard Alexa fan, but this is one of the most perfect outfits I've ever seen (more hyperbole to follow). I've been really obsessed with Peter Pan and club collars lately, and I love that she looks totally elegant without trying. Also, pretty great how she doesn't really match. I hate my need to constantly match! Trying to stop being so anal about that. Also, her sweater has darts! I need a good sweater with darts. And obviously... the LV heels... sigh.

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  1. When I saw the pic something was weird with her shirt, maybe an odd bra? jajaja then read below and it was darts...maybe I need to change the prescription of my glasses?


  2. I've been feeling the peter pan effect lately too, it's very clean cut and elegant
    chek out my post on the peter pan collar