Monday, March 19, 2012

My Style Then and Now: Easter Dress

3.1 Phillip Lim leather vest / Tibi dress / Jil Sander Scarf / Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers
Even though I am pretty sure I'm just playing dress up in this picture, I like to imagine that I put this outfit together for Easter. Because I always really loved Easter growing up.

My mom always gave us a special treat along with the candy we got in our baskets, and one year I got a bottle of Tommy Girl Perfume. It was my first bottle of perfume and I thought it was just about the best thing, ever. I also really loved picking out an Easter outfit – in my family we usually got more dressed up for Easter than Christmas – and the brunches we had were always insanely delicious.

We also had some incredible Easter traditions. As I mentioned in my MSTN post from last year (whoa, by the way), we used to head out to my aunt and uncle's giant property outside of Portland and go on a huge golfball hunt, and at the end of the hunt, we got to trade in the golfballs for candy. When they moved and we didn't have the sprawl for that kind of a hunt, we hid eggs with everyone's name on them around the house and in the backyard. The trick was to find the egg with your name on it without giving away anyone else's eggs.

I would definitely, 100% wear this outfit to Easter brunch this year, if I had one to go to. I'm thinking about pulling a Martha and hosting here in Williamsburg with my famous spinach and cheese strata – who's in?

Easter beaster @toomanyronis


  1. You are a miracle. Easter was always my favorite too, it was the one day a year we were guaranteed a new, non-hand-me-down outfit. And a hat! What other day are you expected to wear a beribboned hat? I don't even have to mention the jelly-shoes, I know you know about that. I still remember the day I bought a chick yellow short-sleeved velvet shirt for Easter in third grade as one of the happiest fashion days I ever had.

  2. Count me in for Easter brunch, please. I have a blue Betsey dress that's been collecting dust and needs a good go around. Best part? Bri will be here visiting from Cali! Let's all make mimosas and eat chocolate til our stomach hurts. You too, Yummy Books! xx

  3. <3333333333 this feature.

  4. Ha, love when you post your oldies but goodies. If I still liked in BKLYN, I'd be all up on that strata!