Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shopping List: Windbreakers!

Alexander Wang Patchwork Windbreaker $695 / Nike Cyclone $115 / Alexander Wang FW12 Hoodie / Adidas by Stella McCartney Performance Jacket $180 / Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Jacket $200  
When I started writing this post, I was thinking, "Yeah! Windbreakers are so in right now, I'm so into that. I want one too!" But after thinking about it a little more, I could be wrong – just because Alexander Wang showed a couple windbreaker-y jackets doesn't necessarily mean they are "in." Any fashion ladies care to weigh in? 
Regardless, I'm really into windbreakers right now and I'm exciting to buy one. It's humid and nasty in NYC with a chance of rain today: aka great windbreaker weather. I also like the idea of wearing one over a girly dress to take it down a notch. The Nike Cyclone jacket comes in a lot of colors and has a cool transparent thing going on, and that Stella x Adidas studio jacket comes in a slate color that is really nice too.

In the "Under $100" category, these ones are really nice too:
Nixon Trekker Jacket $75 / Puma Heroes Windbreaker $50 / Adidas Colorado Windbreaker $80
That Nixon color combo is really good, and the texture on the Adidas Colorado jacket is kind of fancy!

Is a windbreaker on your shopping list this season? Which of these options are you loving or hating?

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  1. Merci for the inspiration - def breaking out my new Jason Wu for Target girly dress and pairing with my neon windbreaker today. YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION TO US ALLLLLLL. xx

  2. as a "fashion" lady, I LOVE windbreakers. Have been rocking a hybrid proenza for a few summers. JUST DO IT.

  3. I love the sound windbreakers make when you walk!