Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashion Week is a Wrap!

Jillian of Nova Style, Tanya of The Party Dress, me, Leandra aka the Man Repeller trying on
Warby Parker glasses at the Kimberly Taylor presentation
H&M Dress, scarf and sunnies / Topshop jacket / Improv'd vest thing / Kelsi Dagger wedges day 4 of Fashion Week
Topshop jacket / Zara pants and socks / H&M scarf & sunnies / FCUK shoes / Michael Kors bag via
by Mark Iantosca via Refinery29
So here are a few snaps from fashion week. I'll hopefully get some show snaps / thoughts together but for now I'm just happy to have a bit of a break. It was a hectic but also awesome week, saw some awesome shows and saw lots of people I love love love. Also during fashion week, I learned that I need to invest in some good outerwear for next winter. I realized I'm king of lacking in that area – my leather jacket was NOT cutting it in the warmth department, but my other coat is reallllly tired.

I've got a huge stack of yummy magazines to read and relax with this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to a few days of sleeping in.

And next week I'll be launching SHOP A BETTER RONI! I have a lot of under-used, under-appreciated shoes, accessories, clothes that I'm hoping someone / some of you can get good use of. Yes? Would you could you? Stay tuned for more!

wearing fashion clothes @toomanyronis


  1. WOMAN! how did i not know about this blog?!

    <3 link time!

  2. there is nothing i love more than a vest over a leather jacket.

  3. I love those shoes!

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