Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dos and Don'ts and Maybe Do Thats

FCUK jumpsuit / H&M shirt / Assad Mounser necklace / Michael Kors bag / Zara shoes
Ahhh fashion week. It's upon us again. Starting Thursday it's going to be hectic hectic hectic. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about fashion week, but let me boil it down to this. It's hard to dress for fashion week. Not just because you're on your feet all day and the weather is pretty much always "weird" at best, but also because people take your picture, or they don't. But it's awesome and flattering when they do, even though the pictures usually wind up nowhere. Last fashion week I got my picture taken for a website called OnlyLady.com. So... that was something that happened.

But, it's a super fun time to get a little wild with your outfits, because there is always someone dressed up a little crazier than you are, and ultimately unless you're Kate, Taylor, Joanna or one of THE BLOGGERATTI no one cares what you're wearing or who you are. The picture above was taken by my friend and awesome photographer Rachel aka The Greyest Ghost. This was one of my favorite outfits from last fashion week, mostly 'cause I was comfy and didn't feel like I was "all dressed up." Also any opportunity to wear my Assad Mounser bullet necklace is a great day. And I love jumpsuits.

Via Style.it
Vintage jacket / FCUK skirt / Sperry loafers     via Gastrochic
 This outfit was okay, MINUS the Heidi hair. The Heidi hair was a poor decision. It makes the whole thing a little toooo hokey. I love this jacket so so so much. But ugh the Heidi hair... some gals look so cute with it! Not this gal.

I'm excited for this week, and there are a ton of shows I can't wait to see. Which I was going to do a post about, but I'm not on top of it so I haven't done that yet. More NYFW stuff to come probably!

Thank you for your awesome input on glasses! I went with the Huxleys.
(and props to Drew "Drizzy" Shoals for having them first)

why you call it lan vin?  @toomanyronis