Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm in LOVE.  The fact that I may have to start selling off my kicks collection to make rent makes the KREAM sentiment all the more real ("Kicks rule everything around me").  Love the Wu reference, the Run love, the Best on Mars, holler at Rakim...  Yo he has the De La Dunks!!!  Those shits are mad rare and so ill.  Ell and I were gonna buy them for each other for Christmas for another bro/sis-match-look but they run like $350 so...

Watch and listen and enjoy, and obviously appreciate the best line:

"Not from Portland, I'm a Laker, but watch the chicks follow the trail while I rock my Blazers."  

WHAT?!?!  So fucking DOPE.  and the shoutout at the end...

"This here is for all the sneakerheads from Oregon all the way to Africa."

(via LTDHype)

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