Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Better Roni's Video Vault

This is a phenomenal song/vid.  Why are they shooting dice the whole time?  Is it a "love is a gamble" metaphor?  I don't know but it is good.  The dancing is like aerobics meets the two step.

"A snugglin, bubblin, overweight lovin' huggin' pro."  ~Heavy D.

Can I haz your shiny jacket?

Geto Boys!  This is an oft forgotten jam, the beat is dope and its one of those very literal videos where when he says "my nose is bleeding" or "there is someone watching me" those things are actually happening.  Love it.

This is another phenomal BUDGET video...  cows, horses, flying chinese-take-out containers... whaaa?  Fu-Shickens not forgotten!

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