Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jackie Chain feat. Kid Cudi "Rollin" Remix AND "Day N Nite" video

So obviously this is all over the ninnernet right now... but if you haven't gotten hooked on "Day N Nite" yet, now is the time.  Great vid too, I love Cudi's moves!

Really this post was for this song though, I came upon it a few weeks ago and I've been ROLLING to it nonstop (ha get the pun?).  I thought it was Kid Cudi solo but its actually Jackie Chain featuring Cudi.  JAMMY JAM.

Also this is worth checking out, Kid Cudi's blog posting about getting TASED during Allstar weekend 'cause he wouldn't go onstage in some broke-ass Reeboks.  He wanted to wear Jordans instead.  A man who would get tased for kick selection?  CUDI, PLEASE CALL ME!

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