Thursday, December 1, 2011

Growing Older, Celebratin' Christmas

Givenchy panther glasses / Zara pants / Miansai bracelets / Aldo wedge sneaks / Margiela rings
WOOP it's holiday time! My Bday is on the 21st (which is also the winter solstice and will be the last day of the world next year, according to the mayans), so this month has historically been epic in my life. Here are a few of the things on my list this year. There isn't really anything I'm dying to have, other than those way-too-expensive but most-incredible-of-all-time glasses, but it's nice to get jewelry since it's not traditionally something I buy for myself. I'm loving all the rad bracelets from Miansai. And I'm digging those Marant rips, they are nice and basic.
OKay moving on to the next (on on to the next) one:

FutureDog / iPhone / Pendleton blanket / TooManyRonis Nikes / Jordan 11s / PS3 Move / Kid Robot tchochkes 
Goddamnit I want a dog so bad. Unfortunately I can't have one in my apt and I'm not moving anytime soon, so for now I bide my time coming up with names for FutureDog (right now Ratchet and Chaunce are topping the list). I hate my Bberry and want and iPhone but the service is more $, so. Anything Pendleton is rad in my book. Okay, TOO MANY RONIS Nikes? Why didn't I think of this before? SO GOOD. I also really really really want those Concord Jordan 11s, but they are coming out on the 23rd and since I'll be traveling that day it's not lookin' like I'll be in line to nab some. PS3Move seems like a party waiting to happen, and for some reason that I can't quite explain I am OBSESSED with these new Kid Robot tchochkes.

COOL so does that help, guys? You all know what you're gonna get me? LMK if you need more ideas. (jk jk I'm not such a bitch I swear)

toomanyronis not a phony not by any means @toomanyronis


  1. Get those Nikes asap! Or I hope someone gets them for you. I don't want the world to end but it would be cool if it happened on your birthday, right? Also, can someone buy me those Zara pants please!

  2. Bro. Zara pants kinda look like the PS ones in your header. Also, love that you're requesting the PS3 move since I'm totally asking for Beatles Rock Band for my (boyfriend's) xbox. Aaand finally, bravo to a great alternative $$ on the Aldo wedge sneaks. I want those now.