Monday, November 21, 2011

Stella and Sunnies

Stella left to right: Wool and Cashmere sweater dress; Hawaiian print dress and pants; Alpaca sweater and wool pants; Baseball jacket; Knit dress. Sunnies left to right: Thierry Lasry aviators; Pink Illestevas; Linda Farrow Luxe circle frames; Linda Farrow Luxe cat eyes; Illesteva Friedas.

I'm really feeling all Stella McCartney lately. The resort collection is of course a big favorite, but her big slouchy sweaters and cashmere blend pants are sooo good, such an awesome take on fancy loungewear that you could actually wear during the day. These are five looks I'm especially feeling right now.

club lounge @toomanyronis

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  1. I'm really feeling Stella as well, especially the resort collection. What I'm digging even more is that you're posting all the time now. Keep it up! P.S. How were you not on my blogroll? Major goof on my part. You're now up there. xo