Friday, December 2, 2011

My Style Then and Now: Party Baby

Alexander Wang jacket / Stella shirt / Valli skirt / Borgo earrings / Charlotte Olympia heels / Comme des Garcons 
"Cool I just woke up from a nap, and now we get to go to grandma's house for Christmas. And this is my life because I'm a baby and I don't even know it."

I love how hungover I look in this pic. It's like I just got up still wearing my clothes from last night's party and I'm ready for some day rage / hair of the dog, or something. In reality I was just a baby so that definitely is not what happened in that picture.

This outfit is what I want to wear to Christmas / birthday celebration this year. Most fashion right now is SNOOZEtastic in my book, but I'm obviously still not over Stella and I'd kill for any of the jackets/coats from Alexander Wang's fall collection. I think this would be a pretty fuckin fresh look to roll into a holiday party with.

what are you doing out here baby it's 3am @toomanyronis


  1. The Chappelle sign-off/signature/shit at the bottom (don't know, don't blog). P on point, homie.

    "so that definitely is not what happened in that picture." You're the best.

  2. Only pussy ass babies didn't drink at age 2.

  3. This would be totally fresh. Don't you just want everything from that Stealla collection?

  4. SICK!