Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Style, Then and Now: Nancy Drew

MiH shirt / Stella McCartney sweater / MMM pants / Louboutin loafers / Assad Mounser necklace / Dominic Jones ring
"Grandma, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I look like Nancy Drew right now??"

This picture was taken sitting on my grandma's front porch, after she did my hair. I LOVED getting my hair done in hot rollers, so as you can see I'm doing some very earnest posing in honor of this 'do. I was also super into Nancy Drew books at this time. I loved her alt girlfriends George and Bess, I always felt like George was such a badass.

The most bewildering thing about this post are those kickass floral Dr. Martens I'm wearing... I do not remember them. But they look pretty cool! I would also wear the "Now" outfit all the time. I love those plaid loafers sooo much. Truth be told, I probably will not do too much shopping this fall (esp after picking up those new sneakers, oooops). If anything though, I could use some more dress shirts and a nice cozy sweater like this one.

Hell yeah fall! 

autumn in new york, bitches @toomanyronis


  1. LOVE those shoes too! Were one of the few that I contemplated/am contemplating this season.

    And duh Nancy Drew Rulz. Never liked Bess though, she seemed too desperate. George was badass.

  2. Also, who didn't love hot rollers? Still have them at home!

  3. LOVE that TWGP says that Bess was too desperate because that's TOTES how I felt. You look like your name should be George in the Then pic.

  4. OMG you rock that purple and floral doc combo like nobody's business.