Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a Circus Circus

gif by me
In the past I've done a lot of silly little photoshop cut outs, collages, etc, for my favorite runway collections, but I kind of dropped the ball this time – that, and I just wasn't zany for a lot of the Spring collections. One that I particularly loved though, was Dries Van Noten.

One of the themes that appeared in the collection was Vegas – more specifically, the Circus Circus casino. There was a subtle print featuring the sparkling, distant lights of the Vegas strip, which appeared very lady-like and almost dainty. And then there was the glittering Circus Circus marquee, stretched boldly across some particularly wonderful pieces. What I loved about this collection was that it was not serious, but was still beautiful and even earnest in a way that made it feel fresh and (yes, that dreaded word:) chic.

Maybe I am a bit predisposed to love the collection though. I went to Vegas for the first time this year and completely fell in love with the whole scene. You can smoke inside, you can wear ANYTHING you want, and hot babes bring you free drinks! The Circus Circus casino really embodies that whole spirit and then some, with maybe a dash more glamour than you'll find at Caesar's or Harrah's nowadays... LET'S ALL GO IN 2012.

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