Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Shoes New Music

Finally picked up a pair of Jordan Retro 5s. And could not resist the blue suede Married to the MOB Reeboks, especially after interviewing Leah McSweeney for the Yotel Blog and seeing what cool girl she is. Really awesome and a role model to official bitches everywhere. 

And my musical offering of the day is from Robert Raimon Roy aka Rob Roy. After hearing the Madbury boys losing their skirts over this track for a few days on twitter, I checked it out and pffffffft... damn. I mean it's obvious. You WILL like it. "Little Egypt Wavy" below:

Oh yeah and fashion week stuff happened/is happening so I might get my photoshop on so whatever. #whocares

#FDIWMTF (Fuck dog I want money too) @toomanyronis