Monday, January 19, 2009

Reebok Alien Stomper

How clean are these?!  Herringbone?  LOVE them.  The Stomper is hella fresh, off the beaten trail type flavor, but it seems like Reebok is doing that big lately.

As far as classy colorways go, these are right up there with the Nike terminators in Harris Tweed I found on eBay once and have forever since regretted not buying.  I'll try and get a pic of those up later...

Reeboks via Highsnobiety, available at hynm's.

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  1. emillyyy! lovin your blog as well. Always an inspiration. Just like your poetry!!! Lady gaga was your year at NYU. I wouldnt have been friends with her though- she's too much of a show off and would steal my thunder ;) But her music is rather creative, so I'm a fan.