Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gang Gang Dance ft. Tynchy Stryder

This is all I can bring myself to post today...  I'm getting really depressed about working seven days a week (and only making like $200).  

Anyway this is kind of a strange jam...  I like it for Tynchy, who I discovered writing a review for Run the Road in 2004(?).  Which brings me to my only other piece of news... Tynchy was on that comp with the queen of the grime scene, Lady Sovereign, and I just got slid her new album to review for the swanky mag.  So far she is actually really killing it, I think getting away from Def Jam was a very wise move.  The album is called Jigsaw and will be out on her label Midget Records on April 7th...  but stay tuned for the full report.

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  1. say what? lady sov is not tha queen of tha grime scene jo! haha