Sunday, January 18, 2009

F*** the Cool Kids, PACIFIC DIVISION

Chances are if we've ever hit up a solid youtube sesh together, I've made you listen to PacDiv with me.  But for those of you who haven't gotten some quality time with these three, do it now:

"Women Problems" from Pac Div, particularly hot for the Oregon Trail shoutout.

"Paper:"  this is also a great song, similar concept but the video is extrahot.  It's not easy to pull off a single shot video, let alone one thats entertaining enough to watch for the whole 4 minutes, but this one does it.  

Pac Div have been around and getting steady press, but have yet to blow up.  Which in a way makes them extra loveable, but the blog post on their Myspace music site soliciting producers to send in their beats makes me wonder if they aren't in some kind of slump.  Either way I'm still hella into them, and I'll continue to spread the word as long as they're out there.

P.S.  "Fat Boys 08" is another hot jam from PacDiv you should definitely give a listen.

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