Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Style Then And Now: What A Depressing Party

7 jeans / Huf crewneck / The Hundresds shirt / Acne backpack / Happy Socks / Converse 
The first thing I thought of when I found this picture a few months ago was that it looked like it might be something from Sorry I Missed Your Party. Elliott is falling asleep, Nicky is gaming, and there is a blow-up birthday cake. In reality this was probably taken after a really kickass party for Elliott, but still.

I think I am somewhere between 10 and 12 here? Probably 11. And this was my daily look for a lonnnng time. Flannel button up over a white t shirt, parted bangs, some kind of pendant-based necklace on a cord. Minus the hairstyle and the necklace, this is pretty close to how I dress now, and this "now" version of the outfit is make up of pieces I either currently own or have saved in my shopping cart. I love that Huf sweatshirt – it would look sweet over a crisp white dress shirt.

Also I had a black Guess mini backpack that looked a lot like that $700 Acne one in miniature... RIP little black backpack.

don't wanna tango with you @toomanyronis


  1. Our looks were very similar at age 11, only my flannel was red and there was a yingyang at the bottom of my necklace.

  2. haha! I love the intro for this post.