Monday, February 20, 2012

I DIYed, I Died: Wrought Iron Sconces

I live near a really beautiful old church, and on a recent walk with two of my favorite people, Hannah and Lucy, I discovered some church trash that was too good to pass up. These wrought iron sconces are not something I would probably ever pay for or pick out for myself, but lying there in a sad little faux-distressed pair, they were begging for a fresh coat of paint and a good home. So after putting this off for a few weeks (okay more like several months) I finally took advantage of the long weekend and gave them a makeover. 

They didn't have any black paint at the art store, but rather than abandoning my plans I decided instead to go for this almost-black green (Montana Gold Deep Forest). I want to hang these next to my SIRN deck, and I think this color will look fresh with it. 

This week, Ante is going to be out of town, and I'm going to take advantage of having one less person in the house to slap on a fresh coat of paint in the living room, rearrange some stuff, hang some art that has been in need of it and generally try and do some sprucing up. Stay tuned!

you might say I was enSCONCED @toomanyronis

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  1. Ohhhh wee if your living room is being spruced I can't wait to see pictures. Or HELP? I painted my living room last year when Bryn was out of town. Let me know if you want to drink beer and paint.