Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go: Part 1

My grandmother's house is pretty magical. She has a giant sewing room full of yards and yards of mudcloth, batik, plaid, and hundreds nay THOUSANDS of buttons.When I was a kid, I used to spend hours upon hours sorting bags of buttons from garage and estate sales. It was very important business and I loved doing it. My grandma used to make me the most exquisite coats, one years was a red wool number with black trim at the sleeves and a matching red beret – I got street snapped wearing it! I was about 6 I think. I definitely owe my love of fashion in large part to her. Also my love of Shirley Temple movies, Rex Harrison and Ovaltine.

Anywhoo I hope you enjoy this peek into her sewing room, and hopefully I can dig up some photos of her creations to show you too. She also collects pottery in different colors – white, yellow, green, etc which I've included here, and part two will include her unbelievably glam jewelz, bathroom and closet. Stay tuned!

Tell me what you think people!

a puzzlement @toomanyronis


  1. That button collection is outraaaageous!!! So is the pottery! I love that all the fabric is color-coordinated. Such warmth, history and tradition radiates from the room.

  2. i want to raid your grandma's house!!! such a fun place to visit. see you soon! xo

  3. What a seriously amazing collection!! Wow. Would be so fun to sort through.

  4. its heavenly! where can i find mirrored wallpaper? i cant think of anything more amazing/frightening as seeing myself pee, foam toothpaste at the mouth, and going Inspecter Gadget on zits from every angle.

  5. that first picture is like a Junya/Dries dream come true. amazing.

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