Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Style Then and Now: Square Dancer Girl

J.Crew shirt / Rag&Bone sweater / A.L.C. skirt / See by ChloƩ shoes / Oliver Peoples glasses / ASOS clutch / Proenza bracelet
"Elliott we're taking a picture stand next to me hold still it's SQUARE DANCING DAY are my bows straight?!?"

So I went to a very small elementary school for K through third grade, and it was seriously aces. We had only one long hallway, and every year we made a school quilt for Women's History Month, and had a "Jelly Bean Field Day" where you basically got a bunch of jelly beans for doing amazingly fun things outside (seriously!). Also, in gym class we learned square dancing and had an annual square dancing performance and of course, I had to look the part. My brother clearly was dressing for a "John Waters' 80s" costume party at his kindergarten class... or something. 

Okay so also – even though I'm not wearing glasses in the "then" picture, I threw these Oliver Peoples in there because I broke my frames at Igloo Fest in Montreal this weekend. It was p craycray. I want some new frames like these, just not for the OP price (but darn are they pretty). I am also over the moon for the new Proenza accessories... and the shoes and shirt and all of it.

what's my name @toomanyronis


  1. Hollyrood. More hood than Hollygrove.

    Also, JBFD was the greatest day of the year. Potato sack race? Why not!

  2. Oh no! Your glasses were DESTROYED! Definitely go for those Oliver Peoples frames. Lovin' their shape.

  3. Those frames are fantastic! I would go for them.