Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chris Brown "Deuces" featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall

After all those grand declarations about how I'm bring the Roni back, I realized that the reason it fell off in the first place was because I didn't have time to keep up with it. Which I still don't. But here's a little something to tide you over...

Leaving the Chris Brown debate to the side for now (though believe me, I have a lot of thoughts on the issue), lets just say that while what he did was inexcusable, I'll still take his music at face value.

I've been really feeling this song lately. I don't know much about Kevin McCall, but Tyga is part of Young Money and is also cousin to Travis McCoy whose song "Billionaire" (as predicted) was pretty big this summer.

ANYWAYZ. I'm thinking about doing the ABCs of Hip Hop (inspired by Casey's ABCs of Fall Fashion), assuming I get my act together and start blogging more. Fashion Week is days away so it may have to go on hold for now, but it seems like it would be a fun project.

Also... the banner. Yeah I don't really know why I did it that way I think I got a little carried away, but it'll work for now. Happy Tuesday people.

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