Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monday Morning Loosies

A couple more goodies from Cam'ron, I'm loving "Silky" right now, definitely give this one a listen. "Lets Talk About" must be hot off the press, swine flu references and all, VERY dope beat, + Jada?? Winner.

Cam'ron "Silky (No Homo)"

Cam'ron featuring Jadakiss "Lets Talk About"

This is a fun one, I'm kind of a sucker for Sean Kingston (except "Beautiful Girls," that was just never gonna fly...) and Young Chris is about 5 minutes from the tippy, if you ask me.

Young Chris featuring Sean Kingston "My Swag"

and last but not least (or maybe least, actually) here is a bit of new Cool Kids, their mixtape should be up today so I'll throw it up when I come across it...

Cool Kids "Champions"

A Better Roni, now part of your complete breakfast.

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